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JOGLE Day 20, St. Day to Penzance to the world's end, 19.5 miles

from my trip diary originally posted at Crazy Guy on a Bike

Day 20, St. Day to Penzance to the world's end, 19.5 miles

Saturday September 24, 2016, 20 miles (31 km) - Total so far: 1,099 miles (1,768 km)

Last night I slipped into my little tent, into my cozy sleeping bag. Everything was charged, I had directions, and in order. My plan was to whip down to Penzance and then to my goal. Just one more thing: check weather. Oh boy.
Winds, 25 - 35, with gusts up to 40. And rain. But how can this be? It's been so nice; it's a nice evening. About midnight the wind started. Loud and blustery. My tent was somewhat protected by hedges, so no whipping around.
In the a.m. it looked punishing. I have standards of what makes a trip--and this wasn't it. Going headway into headwinds and getting knocked about, soaked. So this is what I did: I hung out at the toilets and when someone said,looking at my loaded bike, You look like you're going far. I just asked, Can you drive me to Penzance? The first 2 customers weren't interested, but Gloria looked at me and said, let me check with my husband. She came back and said, Come into our trailer for a coffee. Yes, we can take you.
Let's just say I didn't know what I would have done if things hadn't worked out.
I think hanging out with David and Gloria was an end-of-trip highlight. I hadn't realized how lonely I was. Just sitting and chatting, petting their dog, Alfie, worked wonders on my soul. I felt human, not a pedaling machine. We could talk on a number of subjects, and I learned so much about their views on Brexit, future of UK, dogs. For their efforts I bought them breakfast. We went to Sainsbury Cafe and had BIG breakfasts. I sat there full and happy and thought, this is enough. Even if I don't make it to Land's End.
They dropped me off at a car park. Unbelievably the weather cleared. I dropped off my bags at the hostel (which was just about to shut down for a break, so got in just in time.) I did the 9.7 miles to LE in one hour. Then turned around to come back. The strong winds that buffeted me there, were finally my friend heading back.
Then it hit me. I started to cry. I'd done it. Gloria had asked me over breakfast if I'd ever do it again. I couldn't say NO fast enough.
So sitting at a corner cafe, looking out a plate glass window thinking: how sad and weary people look. It had started to rain again. Especially the young people--they appear desperate. More, more, more. And I wonder what is enough for them, for me. What about Brad and Angelina?
I ordered a cream tea upon James recommendation. I had no idea what this was. Come to find out it is a pot of tea and a scone with soft butter (cream) and a small bucket of jam. The perfect ending to this adventure.
St Michael's Mount is a small tidal island in Mount's Bay, Cornwall, United Kingdom. The island is a civil parish and is linked to the town of Marazion by a man-made causeway of granite setts, passable between mid-tide and low water.

on the way to Land's End, loved seeing this, inspired me

40 mile per hour winds

There's simply no great pics of me at the end. I literally had to hang onto my bike so that I wasn't pushed out into the sea by the wind.

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