Wednesday, October 19, 2016

JOGLE Day 13, Lancaster to The Holly Bush Inn, just south of Weaverham (Norwich)

from my trip diary originally posted at Crazy Guy on a Bike

Day 13, Lancaster to The Holly Bush Inn, just south of Weaverham (Norwich)

Saturday September 17, 2016, 69 miles (111 km) - Total so far: 701 miles (1,128 km)

The first week of this tour I played a game with myself. If I had a choice which would I exclude: high winds, rain, or punishing up hills. It was always about, what's worse. This week since there aren't as many bad up hills and the weather has been clear and the winds still, I'm dealing with getting hopelessly lost and round-abouts. I've managed to not get killed, but not confused. I swear today I wasted a total of an hour each trying to circumnavigate Preston, Wigan, and then Warrington. At one point I realized I'd taken the wrong turn at a round-about and had double-backed.I was also trying to book a warmshower host on the go. This being Saturday, I wasn't lucky. Nevertheless, I rode past the Holly Bush Inn and as it was almost 7 pm and I have a cousin named Holly Bush I stopped and inquired. They had a cancellation, and one room left, a triple that they let me have at a single price. I haven't spent much $$ so far, so went ahead and splurged. Also had a GREAT dinner in their pub. Excellent fish and chips with a salad included.
I noticed I've been getting a lot of sun. Have bike shorts tan line. I pretty much took the A49 all day (except when ridiculously lost). I plan to scrap bike instructions and go with the A49 tomorrow, Sunday, into the Shropshire Hills.
69 miles today, extra miles than necessary.

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