Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Take action! Today is the call-in day for state budget cuts!

I volunteer at Cornerstone Community Outreach a homeless shelter in Chicago. I do two programs there with both the men and the women. If planned budget cuts go through there is the possibility we will love at least 58 beds from the shelter. At this point we serve at any given time 500 people daily through the shelters we staff and Leland Building, a next-step program. We house, feed, and provide clothes and other necessities in order to assist families, men, and women to get back on their feet.

Here is a link to CCO Life where you can view a really sad video about what it is like to be a homeless school student.

Please call these reps before 5pm today!

You could simply say, “Please don’t cut homeless shelters out of the Illinois budget!” The reps know the issues and you don’t have to talk forever or sound like you know all about it. If you get voice mail leave a message. Cuts ARE happening we need to let them know that the poorest of the poor shouldn’t be losing services.  

Rep. Greg Harris
Phone:(217) 782-3835

Sen. Heather Steans
Phone:(217) 782-8492

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