Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our Lady of the Last Festival

Our Lady of the Last Festival

Bless us Lady. Be with us one more time.
Come to us in your pink-pearl sunrise
With your yellow smile
And blue-sky eyes.
We are grateful for all that you are.

May your gentle spirit
Ripple over the surface of the lake.
Shine down upon us,
Your billowing robes
Shielding us from the blistering sun.

Lead us through fields of Encore,
Past the Underground stage and skateboard ramp,
Into the Imaginarium of Artrageous
Weaving labyrinths of prayer
Out into Flickerings of Creation Station.

We look for you
In shaved ice and that black bean veggie burrito.
Beneath the garish glow of the Pasta Palace
With the buskers and smokers,
You can be found.

Each a part of each other.
Body surfing at Five Iron Frenzy
And head-banging to P.O.D.
When the Crossing finishes with a jig,
Circle dance with us.

Your heart is a flaming sunset,
Streaking gold and red,
Bursts of fireworks above Main Stage,
Showering us with bits of light and fireflies.
We’ll remember you long into the night.

Our Lady of Cornerstone
In joy and lamentation
In song and sermon
In storm and mud
In the dust and heat
In the long grass and cool woods
Down by the footbridge
Down by the dock
Across the lake
At the cross
Be with us one last time.

In the name of the Father and Son
Daughter, Cousin, Friend and
Friend of friends, Holy
Spirit, birds and bees,
All that has breath:
Come celebrate.


suprchick said...

May I link to this on Facebook? (if i can figure how?) Jenn K. (one of the braided writer sisters)=]

Jane Hertenstein said...

yes, totally, just be sure to credit
I love getting visitors!