Monday, April 16, 2012

Only Known Photo

I can't imagine growing up without a camera, but I noticed with both of my parents there were photos of them only starting near the end of their high school career--probably around 1941, 1942. Both my parents and their families were severely affected by the Depression. I rolled my eyes growing up every time they started in about how poor they were. Now I wish I'd listened.

Anyway, Mom said she'd never had a picture of her Dad. He died when she was thirteen. BUT later they found in a book that was being compiled about Upper Sandusky, where she grew up, a picture of the first fire truck. Whoo-hoo!

And in that photo was her Dad, Harvey Myers. The only known photo of him.(FOR ALL OF THESE PHOTOS, CLICK AND YOU CAN SEE THEM LARGER AND IN SLIDESHOW)
He was about age 50 or so in this picture, possibly the mid-1930s. I plan to do more research and also post his obituary. Stay tuned for more info.
Here is a picture of his wife, my grandmother, Margaret Snyder Myers:
Her obit will also be posted sooooon. The story is that she greyed VERY EARLY.

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