Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tall Skinny Kiwi

Hi! just back from where I attended a seminar on blogging led by Andrew Jones who writes for a variety of blogs. Here is a couple of things gleaned from the three sessions I sat in on:

1. short posts vs long ones
considering that many people now read from hand-held devices, posts ahould be on the shorter side, or if you have a lengthy topic break it into 2 or 3 posts

2. titles
and I'm still working on this ARE IMPORTANT, that's why I titled this one Tall Skinny Kiwi because that tag alone will direct traffic to my blog. I really am looking for ways to drive traffic here. I've joined Jacketflap to see if my blog will come up and looking into TUMBLR to see if my stuff can also be included in a larger blogging community

3. tags, for the above reason, linkable, so maybe I should randomly tag something PORNO and see how many hits I get

4. also images, and giving them captions, so if I took a picture at the festival and posted it here, I should also caption it and credit it so that that too is cached into a cyber directory for later searches

5. Andrew suggested if you want to drive traffic to your site to comment on news, one time he was number 1 because he hopped onto a topic with commentary and people in searching kept dialing up his blog, it created a one-day buzz and kept him high up on the search engines

6. does any of this make sense, not entirely, I don't tweet, I don't have a cell phone. I simply want to write, but I know in the bigger picture I need to have a web presence in order to attract an audience and a publisher for the novel my AGENT IS SHOPPING. Will any of this work?

7. Andrew feels that on-line publishing is the way to go. It's immediate. It's easy. It can jumpstart one's writing career.
I know all this is true, yet I still hold out hope that MY AGENT will sell my manuscript, my manuscripts.

8. YET AGAIN, I'm working right now to put up on many platforms Orphan Girl and Beyond Paradise my two books I have the rights to. I've also, as I've previously blogged, had about 16 short stories taken by publications. I have enough for a collection and I'm tempted to put that on-line for download thru Paypal, etc.

9. finally Andrew mentioned a window of opportunity that seems to be NOW for this.

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