Monday, February 7, 2011

Blizzard of 2011 (like there might be 2 or maybe more?)

this is for one of my followers--one of the three--who writes a blog called Prairie Pond Woods
Cindy Steffen and I have been friends since college, anyway this is for you:
Here I am standing on Lake Shore Drive Wednesday, February 2
I'm not really that puffy, it's the wind whipping through my windbreaker. See how red my face is--that's snow abrading my top layer of skin. Wind driven snow. 70 mph snow, which feels nothing like snow, but more like scouring powder. Saturday I went cross country skiing non-stop for like 3 and half hours out at a forest preserve. It was SOOOO great. All I could hear were birds in the trees and the sound of my skis gliding over the snow. To my left were woods shrouded in deep snow and to my right was the Des Plaines River, not quite frozen, but with patches of ice collecting snow. I didn't see any beavers or coyotes or geese. In the distance I heard a train whistle.
Then fifteen minutes later a snow machine came thru and that was that.

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