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JOGLE Day 6, Fort William to Oban, via 78 cycle path

from my trip diary originally posted at Crazy Guy on a Bike

Day 6, Fort William to Oban, via 78 cycle path

Saturday September 10, 2016, 63 miles (101 km) - Total so far: 336 miles (542 km)

Well, that was interesting. We slept beneath the peaks of Ben Nevis (Scotland's highest mountain at 4000 feet) and the others in that range, truly spectacular. But soon after showering and crawling into my already soggy tent a huge storm blew up. The winds just ripped. Imagine Everest at camp 4 or 5. The winds shook my tent for hours, but I was able to sleep. Woke up to run to potty then rain started up again. Left Alex in a.m. to sort out bike and went on. It was a Saturday so A82 out of Fort William was busy but not too crazy. There is no 78 bike route out of Fort William per say. It started out on sidewalk then was entirely sharing the road with traffic until Onich, following the coast of Loch Eil.
At Onich I picked up bike route 78, and what a joy. The day was often sunny, the ups were manageable, and overall I could feel my body recover from some hard days. The path stayed close to Loch Linnhe. At the Ben Lora Cafe stopped and had the best homemade tomato soup ever, and headed to the path where there stood Alex with his bike. The shop in Fort William put on a whole new rear wheel.
We rode together the last 6 miles into Oban. This should have been a piece of cake if it had been like the rest of the day. But the last 6 miles were climbing, drop, climb. Not the worse, just tiring, and a wee bit never-ending. At a certain point I wasn't a hero.
Oban is a GREAT town. Loving it. Yet we almost didn't stay here. We first followed signs to a camp/caravan place, 1) too far out of town, 2) same price as last night, $8 but for far less. Just this open field, potties NOT ANYWHERE NEAR, and no place to buy food. So we could starve and have to use it in this open field--I felt like a refuge, so we left. Quickly got back into town and to the Oban Backpacker Hostel, that is the best place I've ever stayed. Will definitely give them a review.
Tomorrow high winds and rain predicted, but will TRY to get somewhere close to the isle of Arran. Alex will go to another island. So by myself again. 63 miles, but some of that was going to and from the crummy campsite.

cycle path 78

notice the steep embankments
Loch Eil

Castle Stalker is a four-story tower house or keep picturesquely set on a tidal islet on Loch Laich, an inlet off Loch Linnhe

notice the high peaks in the background

man with falcon

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