Thursday, October 27, 2016

JOGLE Day 19, Liskeard to St. Day, 59 miles

from my trip diary originally posted at Crazy Guy on a Bike

Day 19, Liskeard to St. Day, 59 miles

Friday September 23, 2016, 59 miles (95 km) - Total so far: 1,079 miles (1,737 km)

I knew it wasn't going to be easy. In fact last night I was feeling panicky. In fact it wasn't that hard. Yes and no.First off navigational issues. I load the phone with my planned route. This is no small matter. Then I listen to Google lady reel me along. Except if I make a wrong turn she quietly begins to re-route. So unknowingly, after checking multiple times to be sure, I left Liskeard on the completely wrong road. Which meant I went down a steep hill I only had to push the bike back up. This amounted to one hour. All together I probably wasted 5 miles on wrong turns that turned into bike pushes. This was on top of everyday navigational and round about confusion. And, on top of just in general steep climbs.
Plus, I noticed that wind was a factor. At a certain point Google bike lady told me it was okay to go on the A30. This was a dual carriageway, meaning trucks and cars passing within a hair of me at 70 mph. I did it for about 6 miles, then routed myself at an exit onto cycle path 3. Which also led me down garden paths, quite literally. At Truro it sent me through a woods on bumpy gravel. I'm surprised my back tire is still hanging in there, though my brake pads are down to slivers. Re-routing off the A30 probably added another 5 miles because I had to backtrack somewhat.
On top of all this: breakfast break which has been outstanding, today was a dud. I got a bacon bap, really, for £2.60 and it was rubbery bacon, one piece on slices of buttered bread. I've been a chowhound for bread but this was thick and just too much. I ate the rubbery bacon. Lunch was at 2 pm in Tresillian (a small village in mid Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. It is three miles east of Truro on the A390 road. Tresillian means "a place of eels" in the Cornish language), at the Wheel Inn. Very nice people.
In Truro I passed a weird river of mud. I later learned it was an estuary, the tide was out, leaving boats stranded. Very surreal looking.
Basically I didn't arrive at my campsite, St. Day Tourist Park, until 5 pm. A long day of pushing and meandering. 22.5 miles to Penzance.
sunken road

another mile marker


my little tent

sunset in campground

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