Friday, October 7, 2016

JOGLE Day 5, White Bridge Hotel to Fort William, 53.5 miles

from my trip diary originally posted at Crazy Guy on a Bike

Day 5, White Bridge Hotel to Fort William, 53.5 miles

Friday September 9, 2016, 54 miles (86 km) - Total so far: 274 miles (440 km)

I charged up devices and had a steak and ale pie at the pub. Felt fully human to go back to my tent where I could hear the wind blow. And the sheep in the meadow. This a.m. I told myself no hurry--those mountains aren't going anywhere. I fixed tea and oatmeal on my stove. Packed and tackled the summit. It really was.
Arrived in Fort Augustus about 10:30 where I met Alex, also going to Fort William. He hired a bike in Inverness and like me was beginning to wonder what he had gotten into. So we traveled together today. It was off and on drizzle and a lovely ride through forest paths (some ups and downs). And views of Loch Lochy. We then got onto a tow path, flat. We had an excellent day without trying to be heroes.
Then Alex's spokes broke, but unbelievably we cycled to a bike shop. The repair was free, they will charge the hire service. But immediately one broke as we were pulling away, IN SOLID RAIN. Now set up a tent, at a restaurant, full, got WiFi. And trying to decide on how to get to Oban. Definitely the least hilly way.
5-mile climb

above the clouds


between the canal and the lake

going into Fort William

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