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JOGLE Day 16, Tintern Abbey to just outside Bridgwater, 70 miles

from my trip diary originally posted at Crazy Guy on a Bike

Day 16, Tintern Abbey to just outside Bridgwater, 70 miles

Tuesday September 20, 2016, 70 miles (113 km) - Total so far: 905 miles (1,457 km)

Quite a good day. I think this was the first day I got to experience the classic "English" countryside. Small narrow lanes, hedgerows, quaint houses and villages. AND NOT A LOT OF HILLS. They were out there, I could see rolling meadows and farm land, but they didn't negatively impact my ride.I'll later update this journal with the exact numbers. Suffice it to say I followed cycle paths and minor roads. I took a chance today and it paid off. Yesterday for instance at Craven Arms before Ludlow I thought I'd get off the A49. Anyway I rode for a mile, directions pulled me down a lane, and that baby was gut-wrenching. I turned right around and rode with the trucks to Hereford.
After lunch in Yatton at the Strawberry Cafe, I hopped on the Strawberry Line for about 11.5 miles. It was lovely. Yes it was a bit slow with the narrow points and hardpacked earth surface, about 8-9 mph, but I felt like I was on a cycle tour.
The trail ended in Cheddar where there was a bike shop (review forthcoming). Anyway, I had a few problems, one of which the back wheel, understandably after being punished for 2 weeks, was out of true. He also worked on my brakes. I might have enough brake pad to make it to the end. The bike definitely ran better. I think he gave me a break with the price. £11.20.
I made it to Bridgwater about 5 pm. and looked for camping. Right now I'm in someone's backyard. I know odd. But directions sent me to Follett Farm, about a mile outside the town, and it feels very low-key and strange. 70 miles.
Severn Bridge, nearly a mile long, it spans the River Severn and River Wye


great use for old phonebooths, mini libraries!

Strawberry Line

Strawberry Line

Strawberry Line

Cheddar Gorge, the closest thing England has to a tourist trap

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