Tuesday, October 25, 2016

JOGLE Day 17, Bridgwater to Crediton, 59 miles

from my trip diary originally posted at Crazy Guy on a Bike

Day 17, Bridgwater to Crediton, 59 miles

Wednesday September 21, 2016, 59 miles (95 km) - Total so far: 964 miles (1,552 km)

When I woke up this a.m. I had a funny feeling, that I wasn't feeling it. To begin with the campground that wasn't a campground, more like a family's backyard had no amenities such as WiFi or charging station. I used up my battery in route planning and looking ahead. I was able to get the phone up to 70%. Not enough.I left early hoping to find a cafe. I swear I rode in circles trying to get somewhere out of Bridgwater. Not sure where I was, West Quay Road, ate a simple breakfast and the owner was very kind. He said just take the A38 to Taunton and I did. Arrived at a beautiful church, St. George.
I think one thing I was planning on was taking the Grand Western Canal path from Taunton to Tiverton. Google sent me back onto the A38. I kept expecting any minute to get off the busy road and onto a traffic-free path. It was only later I figured out the glitch. Google was sending me to Tiverton to pick up the path. I was about 11 miles gone before I found the canal path,cycling route 3.
It was lovely, and I would have taken more pics,but my phone was dying. I made it finally to Tiverton around 2 pm. Somehow those miles seemed hard-fought. I ate at a really cute cafe called Elsie Mays. A bunch of geriatrics had arrived by motor coach, so the place was hoping. My kindle was in the red, battery-wise, but looked up a warmshowers host. Nick said yes, if I made it to Crediton by 4 pm.
Of course I made a wrong turn, or specifically Google routed me on a lane that said road closed, but I thought why not, looks good, 1/2 mile in it became rubble. That's when I called Nick back and said I will not arrive by 4. Plus my phone was dying. The charge at Elsie Mays would not last forever.
I made it to Crediton by 5, just as my phone died, right in front of the arched entrance to Francis Court, where Nick lives. There is an association between Crediton and St. Boniface*, I'll have to look into it. 59 miles, or possibly 61. I kept forgetting to turn the cyclometer back on.

*From Wiki:The first indication of settlement at Crediton is the knowledge that Winfrith or Saint Boniface was born here in c. 672.[5]
He propagated Christianity in the Frankish Empire during the 8th century and is the patron saint of both Germany and the Netherlands. In 909 a see was established here with Edwulf as the first bishop.[5] Nine more bishops ruled here until 1050, when Leofric obtained papal permission from Pope Leo IX to transfer the seat to Exeter,[5] a more culturally aware, larger and walled town. Since 1897 Crediton has been the seat of a suffragan bishopric in the Diocese of Exeter....
St. George's in Taunton

Grand Western Canal

swans along the GWC

mile marker with Roman lettering

beautiful thatched house

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