Thursday, March 3, 2011

Went for a Soak

Truth or Consequences or T or C as the locals call it is famous for it's hot springs. The town is situated right along the Rio Grande before it winds its way down to the border. The aquifer which sits underneath the town is hot and full of minerals. At the Starry Night website there is a list of the what's in the water.Starry Night

So last night I rode my bike up to La Paloma the cutest little motel around. The bathhouses sit right over the springs so when you go in it's like entering a cave. Right away the heat hits you. I immediately wanted to strip down to a bathing suit. But that's not necessary. The rooms are private.

There are all sorts of amenities--candles, atmospheric music, and for some reason a rope. Danielle who showed me--ahem the ropes--said it was so that in the middle of your medicinal soak you could reach up and stretch. And you know what! It worked! She also showed me some crystals that were supposed to have powers, but to my eye just looked awesome in the low light.

As I mentioned earlier in my posts, T or C is a place where people can come to do their own thing. The shops are very ecletic, selling everythinhg from southwestern sweaters to witches spells. And, for those who know me, some second-hand thrift stores. But back to the soak.

They rate the pools according to temperature. Danielle apologized that the hottest was only 107 degrees. No problem! I paid $4 for a half hour soak. There is a punch pass 6 soaks for $20, but I wanted to get one soak under my belt first before I signed on to that. Let's just say after 15 minutes I was dizzy. I knew it was working, but it's a little bit like faith--you can't SEE anything. The water is clear; you can see the smooth pebbles at the bottom, but it has some powerful magic. After a half hour I thought I was going to pass out.

Danielle asked me if it was good and I smiled numbly and told her yes. I rode home in the DARK. Did I mention that T or C is in the middle of nowhere. It isn't called Starry Night Retreat for nothing. The stars guided me back to my hut where I collapsed into bed.

BUT I awoke this morning without an ache or owie feet which has been a complaint of mine as of late. I went for a 4 mile run just as the morning light was breaking over Turtleback Mt. I'm telling this place is GREAT!

Oh and I laid down 4,000 words yesterday, not great words and I took back half of them this morning, but progress is being made.


Gen said...

Sounds like you are having a nice time experiencing new things!

molliecaliso said...

I think you probably already know this trivia.
Truth of Consequences was originally named "Hot Springs" but was renamed for the radio show. I guess there was a contest or something.
Have a great time!