Friday, March 4, 2011

If you don't like my Truth then take the Consequences

Many of you have already Googled or looked up the name provenance for the town, but here are some things I just found out.

Last night I had a couple over for dinner that I had met my second night in town at a reception held in my honor at a gallery on Main St.

I invited Bobbie and Andy over because they are neighbors and because I am so daggone desperate for company. I'm getting 4,000 words in a day with little else except the characters' voices inside my head. Stir crazy, but literarily functioning.

At dinner our conversation turned to the town. Of course I am curious about the people here and what goes on. Bobbie said that within the past 2 years there's been something like 15 murders*--not including that serial killer back in '85. Then she proceeded to list off the murders and the grisly details. Did I mention that we were by this time sitting around a camp fire. Edna and Blake, more about them later, had started one in the court yard. So we were sitting around the fire and listening to Bobbie recount the T or C murders and just about every last one of them dealt with someone seeking justice or revenge. They were committed by people who knew each other.

*correction more like 1 murder fifteen years ago; I do not want to leave my readers with the wrong impression
Somehow this didn't help me to feel any better.

So this morning when I woke up early and decided to go for a sunrise run my mind wandered back to the evening before. I was running on a dusty dirt road down by the Rio Grande River. If I screamed no one would hear me except the blue heron that thunderously takes off from the banks whenever I get near. Just as the sun was cresting the ridge of Turtleback Mt. I thought to myself, I've got to get back before the serial killers wake up.

So the truth about Truth or Consequences is: try not to make anyone mad. Here is a pic of Turtleback Mountain.

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