Thursday, March 24, 2011


I've been away from my desk lately, helping out a friend who is running 8 ultramarathons 8 days in a row to benefit a homeless shelter in Chicago, Cornerstone Community Outreach, where I volunteer to facilitate a creative writing group.

If interested in Paddy's run click here.

There's also a video the team has worked up.

The point of Strive4More is to create awareness for the issue of homelessness in America and specifically in Chicago where CCO welcomes and shelters the homeless in addition to offering basic services to meet their needs. We are one of the few shelters in the city to take in WHOLE families without splitting them up. We took in a family who had an autistic child, that child needed his dog, the dog got to stay too. We take in families with teenage boys, always a liability in a city riddled with gang violence. The children can live with their parents and continue to go to school.

Strive4More asks the question: When is enough enough?

If this guy can push himself to run not just a marathon, but AN ULTRAMARATHON and not just for one day, but for 8, then what can I do?

Most of us can't answer that question because we haven't seen the limits of our strength or challenged ourselves to that point. The cool thing is that there is a group of soldiers in Iraq that are planning a 100K-relay to benefit the shelter and a school group is planning an accumulated run of 30 miles (what Paddy plans to run for those 8 days straight). Anyway, ask yourself--can you go the distance? And maybe help out CCO.

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