Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Time is Now

I write this after losing an hour of sleep because of Daylight Savings Time.

Some people might be wondering: what does a person get out of a residency/artist retreat? Or what could I accomplish by having a chunk of time to devote to my art?

Here is my response:
23,000 words to finish a first-draft ms
66,000 go over a ms and revise, using specifics given by my agent
300 words, a new piece inspired while here at Starry Night (really prose poetry)
5,000 words revising a short story that is sure to raise canckles (is that a word?)
2,500 word story revision, that I'm hoping to sell or include in an anthology

what is that? about 110,000 words for 14 days, 2 spent in travel, not bad
but if you don't want to go strictly by the numbers
then this:

Last night was the grand opening of Estrella Gallery, Monika Proffitt's baby. She had her art and art light installations lining the walls. We probably had over 100 people drop by and I sold all together about 8 books.

We stayed until 9 pm talking with people in the gallery. I did on-going informal readings that people really appreciated.

That, my friend, made me feel like a real writer.

Tomorrow I leave T or C, but I'll be back. This place is magic.


James said...

There is NOTHING better than feeling like a real writer.

Jane Hertenstein said...

is this my James? lurking
if so, please out yourself to my readership, I have thousands of friends who can read French