Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So Deer to my Heart

*the title of this piece is taken from a really syrupy Disney film--about as far from this post as you can get

So yesterday as I was trying to recover from my arduous day of hiking and biking during a windstorm, I was telling Monica and Edna the workers here at Starry Night all about it. When I got to the part about the dead deer they were like oh my gosh. I've never seen women jump so fast. Within minutes we'd all changed out of pajamas and Edna had grabbed work gloves and a hand saw (?) and we were out the door to go back for the parts.

I directed them down the dirt road that borders the Rio Grande. As soon as we got back to the sandy washout where we picked up the dead deer trail Edna had her gloves on. She picked up a leg and gave it a quick twist to disconnect the sinews holding it to the hip bone. When the girls saw the skull they were like down in it taking pictures with their cell phones.

Where am I? I was starting to wonder. Who are these people?

Look at them teeth, Edna said and Monica replied in a purr--so white!

Come to find out that they consider the deer remains as art. Hart Art, I just made that part up. Anyway, they were so stoked that they collected 3 legs, the skull, and I'm not sure what else. We left the hide if any of y'all are interested in that, you can go back for it yourself, cause I'm all done.

Today is Ash Wednesday. I'm planning on going back to the Methodist church I attended on Sunday where one of the parishoiners gave me a crocheted cross for a book mark. I so love these people in T or C for all their layers and complexities.

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