Saturday, March 5, 2011

I've Had Enough

Yesterday the wind picked up. It came sweeping down from the mountains and howling over the plains of the Rio Grande. I needed a human voice. When my daughter called we talked for awhile, but after I hung up I felt even worse. I think they call this condition cabin fever.

It fits. I'm in a cabin. An old CCC living barracks. After the crews were done constructing the Elephant Butte resevoir the whole building was floated down the river. Monika purchased the 4-unit building for Starry Night Retreat and is slowly rehabbing the units. So think hunter's cabin or garden hut and that's about the size. Very reasonable for a writer who only needs a place to lay her head--and INTERNET.

When I got here for some reason I couldn't get the Internet. Monika offers it with the residency and gave me all the passcodes, etc; it was just me. Well, flusd with excitement, I said, no problem. I don't need it. If I do I'll go up to the library. It will be an excuse to get out. So everyday I cycled up a HILL to the library or else the computer lab at the senior center right next door.

Except it would be closed for the weekend. So Friday night I was feeling very edgy.

On top of everything else I needed some tunes. I'd brought my Ipod, but hate those little ear buds; can't use them continually without feeling like I'm stretching my ear canals. The little radio I bought for $3 only got three stations. I discovered another on the AM dial. It is local. So local it reads the school lunch menus as if it were news. Also the obits and crime sheets. It made me feel more claustrophobic than ever.

So last night I broke down and called home on my track phone that I'd been saving for emergencies and got the proper codes to set the laptop I'd borrowed. Oh my gosh. What a differnce.

I think I'm going to make it. Got my hot tea, some of my music, and I'm HOOKED UP.

I'll still get out often--maybe to hike and not just to the library!

this not Starry Night but to give you an idea of what the building is like.


Mary Jo said...

Hang in there! Keep writing!

Mary Jo

Jane Hertenstein said...

Grazie! Today went back with some folks to pick up the deer parts. They want them for an aqrt project.