Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Visby, a medieval walled city

I got to Visby at about 1 in the afternoon. Still no storm, just white fluffy clouds, like giant pieces of popcorn. I cycled around the city walls.

Until I actually saw someone storming the walls. A city worker.

Then from on top of a hill I spied some ruins. Come to find out there are 13"ruined" churches within the city walls.

And more ruins.

In the distance, storm clouds.

Why so many ruins? They were ruined by the Reformation.
Of course what is a walled city without some cute timberd houses.

After my walking tour of Visby I sat down in a square to bask in the sunshine and enjoy a cup of tea. Literally a second after I got up a big, fat storm cloud blew in and started shaking the tree tops. Dirt blew in my eyes. I texted the guys at the cycle shop, hopped on my bike, and pedaled with the wind pushing me to return the bike. The nice guy also gave me a ride in his car (with his family--the little girl pulled out her nannie to tell me to fasten my seat belt). He kindly dropped me off at my hostel, where the wind has been rattling the windows all night.

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