Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I've been in Sweden for about a week now. I am fully here now. No jet lag. There are times looking out the window of trains and buses that I think here is like anywhere. There are the shopping centers, the divided highways (cars driving on the proper side of the road), and even the rocks and trees tell me I could be in Wisconsin.

Then there is suddenly a full moon over Lake Vattern with a dark foreboding castle silhouetted in the distance and I know I am not in Chicago or Wisconsin.

Then there is the chocolate bars, as big as your leg, sitting at grocery store check outs and even with the high prices here it is cheaper to eat chocolate than to buy a bottle of water.

And, because sometimes when one travels and you can pretend to be another person in another life I eat that chocolate, ride a bike  (more pics to come of me along the Göta Canal) I will pass people and nod and say Hej!

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