Monday, September 22, 2014

Gotland Cycling Day 2

I love stopping at the village kyrkas. For one thing they are spaced short distances. In about 8 or so km I can be at a new one. Also they have picnic tables where I can sit and have tea from my thermos or the numerous buns I buy from the ICA grocery store. The other reason I stop is that they have toilets. All have been clean, well-stocked and just great. Some are more modern and some are
More basic.

My second day of cycling was a bit gloomy. There were periods of sun and clouds, then mostly cloudy. I stopped by a church in Dalhem. It was breathtaking, rivaling Siena. The walls were colorfully decorated-- not sure if they are frescoed or simply painted. See for yourself.

Above notice the angel riding on a ship. Always the boat motif.

I went on to a ruined Abbey and monastery at Romakloster. The information in English said the Abbey disappeared, but the timing is slightly revealing. It disappeared because of the Reformation and the lands were given to a lord. From the Lord to a lord. It started to rain so I hid back under an awning among the ruins.

After awhile I went on to where a host family welcomed me for the night--good thing because it started to rain again.

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