Friday, September 19, 2014

Sörmlandsleden Trail Diary

So begins my own Nordic saga. After leaving the comfort of my friend and her home in Tranås, I took 4trains to begin my hike in the small town of Molnbo. I got off the train and was told to follow the signs to get to the trail.
So I did for maybe a mile until I reached the trail.
The trail was VERY  well marked. Every few steps trees were painted with an orange band. It would be hard to lose the trail. Yet I also had with me the official map for the trail. The one issued by the society that maintains the trail.

Until I got to where I was going to spend my first night. At what is called a wind shelter. Lotta had loaned me a high-powered sleeping bag. It should keep me warm--it weighed a ton, adding at least 5 pounds to my pack. Here is where I slept.

And here was my view.

The next day was more of the same. Beautiful pine woods breaking forth into beautiful glistening lakes. Where I refreshed myself with a swim! It was so relaxing, but very lonely. All together I only met one group walking--a bunch of school kids out with their teachers on a day hike.

I was by myself. The next night I stayed by Lake Djupsjön.

Where I slept so sound. At night you can't hear a thing--only your own breathing and the fire as it dies down.

Next: in my saga. How I got incredibly, horribly lost, but lived to tell about it. CLICK HERE. And the people who made the map WILL BE HEARING FROM ME.

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Lotta Fischerström said...

Oooops! Maybe you should direct you shouting at me. The map has been around a few years...or maybe more like 20 ;-p