Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gotland Cycling Day 3

I left my host family at about 9 a.m. though I had to go back because I left this little device--haha. I bought a Kindle before leaving the States and it's been so great. Very light weight and functional wherever there is WiFi.

My first church stop was in Sanda.

Next I went on the the kyrka in Vastergarn. It is easy to forget that one is on an island. There are so many trees and small farms. Then

You realize that these people live and die by the sea. I felt a bit like a mariner today. The weather forecast called for a sunny morning, but then a big weather change was going to occur. Rain and high winds. I definitely did not want to be caught in a storm, so I hurried on to Visby.

On the way I was once again reminded that this is an island. After days of riding in the interior, the landscape opened up to the water.

And, oddly enough=bunkers.

Before I got to Visby I took a side road. The weather didn't look too alarming. I passed some weird stones in a field. Seriously I thought it was an outdoor camp. But the next one explained what it was--an ancient burial ground. Rocks placed to resemble a ship.

Next--on to ViSBY,,a medieval walled city.

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