Saturday, September 6, 2014


Here I am in Copenhagen on vacation living the dream: cycling the city like a local. Still I can't stop thinking of Fred BURKART, the friend I helped out these past few years. He passed away last Saturday. This a.m. I read his obit in the Sun-Times. He'll now be more famous dead than alive, which annoys me. Where was the recognition when he could tell you everything? Now the photographer, painter, poet, person is gone.

Just like Hans Christian Anderson. On my tour yesterday I learned that Hans Christian was more well-known outside of Denmark. Now, today! in fact, thousands come to see the harbor statue of The Little Mermaid. Tour group after tour bus, after tour boat filled to stand and snap shots.

Sometimes legacies can diminish great artists, reduce them to one story. With Fred, just like his idol Van Gogh, there will be more than one story.

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