Friday, September 29, 2017

My Bike Trip to Nova Scotia, NB, coast of Maine

Day 14, Acadia to Deer Isle

Thursday June 29, 2017, 46 miles (74 km) - Total so far: 638 miles (1,028 km)

This was my official last day of riding. I won't complete the blog until I put in pics which might not be for a couple of weeks. I leave Saturday for my one-week residency at GSH island.

So today. Not a high-milage day but a toughie nevertheless. I left via the shuttle to Trenton which cut out some miles but also dropped me by the road at 10:30,which meant I missed riding during the cool of the a.m. Winds were relatively calm, but would ramp up with the heat. I got through Ellsworth, the town itself was quaint. There were also some sizeable hills. Not sure why, but I walked the bike up more today than any other day.

I was making good time and told myself I'd stop for lunch and put on sun screen in Blue Hill. Well outside of Surry I felt my back wheel to phlump. It wasn't flat yet didn't feel round. I tried to go and the brakes grabbed. Finally I pulled over and had a proper look. I'd thrown a spoke. I'd need a mechanic. On top of this I discovered I had no cell service. I got data so found a shop, in Blue Hill, but no way to call to see if they were open, viable, etc. I kept going.

At a 3-stop in Blue Hill a woman saw me checking directions. She asked where are you trying to get to. I told her, and Charlotte said put your bike on the back of my car and I'll drive you. So glad she offered, Kingdom Bikes turned out to be as far out as kingdom come. The mechanic was great, and for such an out of the way place he did great business. He certainly is the only mechanic for miles around.

After a great fix plus bathroom and water I wanted to hit it hard and get going. I'd snacked while he was fixing, so thought I'd be okay, but after three or four hills I had no steam left. My legs were shaking. I could barely keep the bike up. I had to eat. I stopped at Tasha's Amazing Food and put-putt golf. It really was a good burger. Too much, I had the rest wrapped.

Now I really had to book. On a map it doesn't look far yet it took me another 1.5 hours. My Warmshowser's host was not easy to find, plus there was a long way and a short way and I did double the long way until getting to their house.

Relaxed, in the ease of a comfy chair in a bucolic surrounding. I am here one more night.
Signing off from Merry Time.

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