Tuesday, September 19, 2017

My Bike Trip to Nova Scotia, NB, coast of Maine

Day 4, Rest in peace, Liverpool to Shelburne

Sunday June 18, 2017, 62 miles (100 km) - Total so far: 211 miles (340 km)

Maybe not so much in peace. The winds picked up and it rained hard. I needed a strategy for keeping things dry. It's hard to set up in the rain, load in in the rain, and then decide what do do with the soaking wet clothes. Above all I needed to keep the sleeping bag from getting wet in all my manoeuvring. Also must sacrifice having wet socks on until last possible moment. Between the day before and the ride yesterday I had 2 pairs wet socks and only 2 dry ones left. I had to save one for sleeping in.

The rain pants were a joke. I put them on because I needed something for running to bathroom in and they were dry. But in the night the coating came off on my skin and the seam seal tape came apart.
I might need to find a laundromat for a dryer. I rode today in my spare bike shorts and they simply do not have the padding. They're pretty worn.

So the weather: the sun only came out once. It was overcast, humid, and at one point misty. So I couldn't even dry stuff I'd attached to the back of the bike.

I started at Tim Horton's where a gaggle of geezers gave me route advise. I rode route 3 into Port Mouton (Moo-ton). Where I bought a home baked good from the craft/hostel. Wish I had ridden 13 miles more to get there, but with the rain and dusk-like visibility, it couldn't happen. I then got on the 103. Shoulder was generous and traffic wasn't much and they were courteous. I got off at Sable River, actually I wanted to keep going on 103 and save time. I even rode up a huge hill, but the shoulder disappeared and the speed limit went up to 70. I turned around and did route 3 into Lockport, Jordan Falls, etc. I stopped at a picnic spot and ate and 15 miles later stopped again for fried paddock and fries. Only 4.95!

I made it to Shelburne--in a passing shower, and to The Islands provincial park. This place is beautiful. Very special and peaceful. I love it here. I took a HOT shower and can stay I side office and grab WiFi. Perfect.

Now just hoping stuff can start to dry out.

The Islands Provincial Park

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