Friday, September 15, 2017

My Bike Trip to Nova Scotia, NB, coast of Maine

Day 2, Lunenburg to The Ovens

Friday June 16, 2017, 41 miles (66 km) - Total so far: 93 miles (150 km)

Today was low energy. The mileage doesn't reflect the effort. Sometimes the trail is sandy and slurry, making progress twice as difficult. My thighs were burning.

Last night it got down to the mid 40s. Not terrible cold. Still I found cold spots when I rolled over.
This a.m. bright sunshine. I took my time getting off. About 9 a.m. and immediately got back on the bike path, Bay to Bay Trail. I know the trail saved me some hills and car traffic--the trade-off is boring and sometimes an unimproved bumpy ride.

I made it to Lunenburg in 3 hours, which by that time I was starved. I ate lunch at the first place I saw. The Dinghy Diner had an eclectic small menu. I got a cabbage roll and 2 sides for 6.95. Everything was excellent, I left full. Outside of shops and tourist stuff there wasn't much to do. It is a UNESCO site, I think because it represents a typical NS fishing village--back in the day.

When I left the sky had clouded over and the wind chilly. Now I was onto roads and was hoping to make it to LeHave where there is a ferry over the river. Then onto Risser Beach Campground. But somehow I missed a turn and when I checked my map I was already too far to go back. But there was a sign for The Ovens which I'd read about. Soooo I decided to quit early 4:00 p.m. and wind my way back. Hoping this wasn't a mistake.

It cost me $35 and that was with a 20% for coming on a bike. I took the map and went to my campsite. I'm like the only one here. I'm on a bluff overlooking the ocean. YET here's the great news: this place is awesome. There is a nature walk along the cliffs where I can descend into sea caves and tunnels. The tide is low but by 10 pm it should be coming back in and the tunnels will fill up.
So about to start a fire, put up tent, and relax, and get strong for tomorrow.

PS I found a tick crawling on me.
Lunenberg, NS, St. John's Anglican Church, a masterpiece of community spirit to restore after a massive fire

view from trail, Chester Connection, Little Eddy river

basalt cliffs, The Ovens

basalt cliffs, The Ovens

sea cave

inside a sea cave

camping The Ovens

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