Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tourist in Amsterdam

Thursday June 7, 2018

Today I was a tourist on foot. I barely made it to the Van Gogh museum for my timed ticket and was early for the Ann Frank house. But Amsterdam is a good place to waste time.

When crossing intersections,I have to look out for cars, delivery vans, bikes, bikes, motor bikes, bikes, electric bikes, everything.

Maybe it's the jet lag, but I felt very emotional at both the museums. You sort of know the end of the story. As soon as you come upon the portrait of Van Gogh with his bandaged ear, you get a funny feeling in your stomach of what's next. I did enjoy the precocious little girl asking Daddy, Why does Van Gogh wear a hat? Then as I was wandering toward Ann Frank's house a guy came up to ask directions--except he asked if Ann Frank was here. Sadly no, I said, but her house is.

Tomorrow I'm taking a free riding tour. Which is okay because I did way too much walking today.
bookcase concealing steps leading to the secret annex

typical Amsterdam

Yellow House, a good idea that went wrong

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