Monday, April 15, 2019

How did I get here?

Where is this place--
I always start with a question
endless wondering . . .
How did I get to this place?

Sore Feet, aching teeth
I drink a cup of coffee
and it goes right though me
But I sure do love caffeine

When i go to bootcamp
the instructor lowers the bar
I lift half the weight
and still leave exhausted
I forget my purse at the grocery
and drive back--
How did I get to this place?

Of vulnerability and incontinence when
yesterday I was twenty-three
running from the cops, staying
out all night
when now I fall asleep at nine PM

I don't want to go back
turn the time dial to my youth
I like who I am now--
       except sometimes I don't recognize myself

Who is that grey haired women in the mirror?
Where did the blonde go?
How did I get here?

The lines in my brow answer: Go to bed.

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