Thursday, February 25, 2016


The word souvenir is French for remember.

While traveling I like to pick up little things: a pebble, a pinecone, a seashell to bring home. I have a small shelf where I keep these momentos. I also buy things to bring to friends to let them know I was thinking of them while gone. That even though I was having a great time, they were never far from my thoughts.

Souvenir is from the Latin subvenire ‘occur to the mind.’

Memories are souvenirs of the mind. Keep and cherish them. Place them on the shelf of a journal or diary so that later you can revisit them.

It is on snowy days such as these that I gaze upon my cheapy Walgreen snow globe I bought in Key West—a margarita floating in a sea of glitter—and relish those warm tropical days of birds chattering in the top of palm trees and warm gulf waters washing the shores.

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