Friday, February 5, 2016

Hot Flash Friday--Imagine

Hot Flash Friday is my attempt to get my many readers (both of you) writing. A flash can be anything from a 50-word story up to 1,000 words. The important thing is: getting started.

That’s what prompts are for.

There are times when all we need is one-word to get the juices flowing. But there is another way to let go and enter in—ever hear the phrase: a face that launched a thousand ships or a picture is worth a thousand words?

I sit and meditate. What is this feeling that I’m feeling, what is it I’m after, where is it? Abstracts. But have you ever googled these same questions. In that tiny space, that is actually infinite, I’ve typed in stuff such as I thought I saw you through the rain or the happiness that is just beyond me just to see what pops up in images. It’s interesting what Google gives you. Sometimes it allows me to see more concretely the intangible or a possibility.

The very idea that my device can sense my needs, is somewhat disturbing and at the same time comforting. Especially on melancholy days where the clouds touch the earth. I can’t see further than the darkness, but there is, out there, around the corner, something. So yesterday I uploaded 2 new profile/cover pics to Facebook that helped solidify my aspirations. I could easily write 50 new words about these images.

Why not do the same—Google and go.
I'm coming to you, just stay where you are, I'll get there soon

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