Friday, February 19, 2016

Hot Flash Friday=Old Photo Prompts

I’ve been going through old photographs, in preparation to send them to a digital scanning service. Finally all those old scallop-edged photos from my parents, from the 1950s, early 60s will be on a memory stick so that I can share them with my cousins, brothers and sisters. I was extremely hesitant when sending them off. What if they get lost in the mail? What if the company I decide to use are reckless? You can insure mail, but you cannot replace these old photos.

Organizing by size, etc, the photos became like a flipbook of the past. A past not even always shared. Some of the photos I have no idea who is in them. Where were they taken? I only know they are important, and, perhaps, an older cousin will recognize something and we can build on that shared information. How many times has an old photo opened up doors you never even knew about?

Often I wonder: What happens to all those digital pics we take on our cell phones? With SnapChat they will simply disappear, but what about the ones that remain in the cloud or on our desktop? Will we ever retrieve them or will they be cached forever in cyberspace?

We’re a family of photo albums. I still get prints made and filed away in an album. There are weekend where we’ll sit around and share a laugh or memory provoked by an old photo.

Go to your cloud or physical albums and download a memory. Using the photo as a prompt, write a flash. 
Mom and Dad during their crazy college days

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