Friday, October 2, 2015

New Adventure=Pittsburgh to Washington DC

Starting this weekend, I will begin another new adventure--this time cycling from Pittsburgh to Washington DC. All on car-free paths!

I will begin Saturday, October 3 in Pittsburgh on the GAP trail, Greater Allegheny Path which connects to the C & O Towpath which winds through the Potomac Valley by historical Harper's Ferry into Georgetown, DC.

I will try if possible to post pics and travel diary, but I'm not sure how much internet connectivity I'll have or if I even will want it as it will be a get away and get back to nature. Send good vibes, prayers, hiccups my way as I'll be wanting safety, nice weather, and good trail conditions--also no flats or mechanical breakdowns.

I'm always amazed at how real life feels when I am bicycling and how the everyday melts away. I will not be thinking about my job, in other words. Keep on pedaling!

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