Monday, October 19, 2015

GAP/C & O Trip Diary

Day 5
North Mountain hiker/biker – Bald Eagle Island hiker/biker, 60 miles

 Today was amazing. Again. I think because I'm so close and I know I'll make it. Stayed last night at hiker/biker North Mountain. Next to the Potomac. Remote. It doesn’t really get light until 7 a.m. I made tea right out side my tent door and drank it in my sleeping bag. Luxury.

Ten miles down the road was Williamsport where I passed a group of school children having a tour of the canal and locks. They waved at me and encouraged by their guide asked me questions about the towpath. I had a bowl of soup and crackers at the Desert Rose cafe. A GREAT stop. The bathroom was fully equipped. Not that I needed a tampon, but a nice trackside courtesy.

The Cubs are in a sudden death playoff with Pittsburgh. At the Desert Rose a Cubby fan came in flying his colors. A nice touch of home.

I can’t seem to get enough of these lock houses. More like cottages, they are so cute. I didn’t stop and take pictures at every single one—but at quite a few. There are also old farms cropping up and some abandoned houses off trail.
grist mill est. 1790

grist mill est. 1790

water wheel at grist mill est. 1790

abandoned house by trail

stone part of old trestle, only remaining

old farm

old aquaduct

again, a lockhouse
 I cycled to mms 80, within 20 miles or Harper’s Ferry and ate lunch. I bribed myself with a brownie I bought at the cafe. I earned it. I was excited to tour HF and wanted to rock getting there. There was a cement embankment after Williamsport that came right up to the edge of the river that I rode upon.

Arrived HF at around 4 pm. The whole lower part is a preserved/restored town from about the period of John Brown. A very controversial figure. There is always an ethic dilemma of answering a higher authority. Anyway, bought a pricey hamburger. I have spent maybe $50 in 5 days so I knew it wasn't going to kill me to pay $9 for a bacon and cheddar cheese hamburger and fries. I ate half on a rock beside the river and the other half at the campsite.
John Brown's "fort" ; he help up in the firehouse until captured

ironic--since the town was built around the industrial war machine

the many faces of the MAN

After leaving HF I biked 11 more miles to Bald Eagle Island hiker/biker. Arrived at 6:20. The ground is a bit soft. Also Larry was here setting up. We introduced ourselves while continuing to set up. He is a first-timer and has WAYYYY too much stuff.  We sat and ate dinner at the picnic table. While we ate I think 5 trains passed us within 10 min. It’s going to be quite a night.

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Very interesting reporting, glad you had such a fun trip!