Wednesday, October 14, 2015

GAP/C & O Trip Diary

Day 2
Roundbottom Campground – Rockwood (Husky Haven), 60 miles

Last night freight trains roared through. I could feel the contusions in my chest. I thought they would come right through my hut. And, I also imagined a tight curve because I could hear them leaning in, bearing down, steel on steel screeching. Nevertheless I slept decently.

Yesterday’s ride was so relaxing, I didn’t know how today’s would be, but again it was easy. The grade of the incline is such that I am in a sweet gear where I’m never straining and just the right tension. It will be 55 miles of slight uphill all day.

Today’s ride continued to follow the Yough. I passed Connellsville once known for its coal-fired coke ovens. “Coke Capital of the World”—44,252 of the state’s 55,166 coke ovens were located in Connellsville. At its peak in 1916 there were 375 ovens in use. Today as I passed it is an RV retirement community.
I had lunch at Ohiopyle where there is kayak and canoe rental and grade 1 rapids. 

At Confluence I crossed the Yough and Casselman Rivers--and ended up at the Confluence pumpkin festival where I bought 2 pumpkin gobs for $1. A gob is a pumpkin muffin split apart and cream cheese filling added.

antique car show at Confluence Pumpkin Festival

sqaure dancing with a real caller
There was no rain, but only occasional sunshine. Mostly I rode through a yellow wood with the trail blanketed with crunchy leaves. It definitely feels like fall. The rise in elevation is evident in the changing colors of leaves.

Tonight I stay at Husky Haven Campground. I arrived at 5:30 and set up and then rode over to where the bathhouse is, across the river. After a shower I started a fire and ate dinner by a little tea candle. For $10 you get a campsite, firewood, free WiFi. The only drawback is no water. Water and shower are across the river.

autumn trail

at Husky Haven

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