Thursday, January 1, 2015

Where to Start--2015 and Your Writing

Here is another FREE SAMPLE from 365 Affirmations for the Writer where I have paired an affirmation, writer's tip, or writer's quote with a prompt or suggestion to improve your own writing or--most importantly--to free your imagination:

January 5
Outlines—Yes or No
A lot of new writers assume you have to know where the story is going and that it flows out as molten gold. But really, sometimes you think you are going to one place, but then you decide that is dumb idea. Then you go somewhere else and it is a worse idea. But then you switch again and you might have a beautiful accident.
― Patrick Rothfuss, writer of epic fantasy, namely The Wise Man’s Fear

Do you use an outline or go by instinct? Mindmapping is one such way to free associate. Rather than work consecutively or following a certain set of logic, mindmapping allows you to start with one idea and link it to another, even if there is no obvious connection. Some work with words and images, drawing pictures or icons or simply the use of color to describe their feelings. It is the same part of your mind that doodles during a lecture. There is the main idea, but the supporting material under the surface that you want to access. Allow yourself to explore what appears to be non-sense.

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