Thursday, January 8, 2015

Negative 25

Negative 25

Negative 25 means
zipping up my coat that binds
my thighs together,
making it hard to walk.
Negative 25 means
wearing long johns all the time,
making quick changes in hot rooms impossible.
Negative 25 means
giving myself permission to snack frequently,
making my thighs even bulkier.
Negative 25 means
wrapping a scarf around my face,
making my breath sweat
and the clammy scarf stick to my cheeks.
Negative 25 means
my eyelashes icicle over
because my eyes cannot stop watering.
Negative 25 means
the windows at the gym frost 
and you have to rub at them with your mittened hand
to see if the bus is coming.
Negative 25 means
taping plastic to the windows
and then watching it bulge
and balloon out like a monster trying to get inside.
Negative 25 means
sitting under a pile of blankets and
still freezing.

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Sheila said...

Hi, Jane,

My husband is thrilled to learn that we are not the only people with cold breezes blowing through our closed windows.

I love the cover of your new book and will begin reading it as soon as possible.

Happy 2015!

Jane Hertenstein said...

I knew I could count on you Sheila--THANKS so much.