Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pig Park

What happens when a neighborhood begins to die because a major business closes down and jobs move away? Economically squeezed the citizens of Pig Park decide to take their destiny into their own hands. Masi and her family operate a bakery that has fallen on hard times. Both she and her parents need to be revitalized. By using traditional and contemporary tools, whatever is at hand, they set out on an entrepreneurial enterprise, to build a mysterious La Gran PirĂ¡mide.

But is it a scam or a scheme? Will the people of Pig Park be able to overcome their sense of despair and blight? 

Pig Park is the story of a community coming together and how a group of kids help to save their neighborhood.

Come to find out the main ingredient in turning around a failing bakery and neighborhood is hope and faith in themselves.

Pig Park
Claudia Guadalupe Martinez
Cinco Puntos Press and at Amazon
254 pages

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