Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Fossen Camping to Bjälveröd Camping, near Strömstad, Sweden

Tuesday June 26, 2018, 113 km (70 miles) - Total so far: 1,445 km (898 miles)

After 4 days off the bike for Midsummer celebration with parties, fika, and camping by the sea in Fossen, I left this a.m. for Finnsbo ferry (we are a bit west of Uddevalla). I'm getting used to hearing Swedish. Every once in awhile I can pick out words, like Goldilocks is going to Pluto.

Yesterday was just lovely, lots of sun and warmth. We swam in a warm cove, just off the fjord, and the children went crabbing. They didn't keep them, but released them and watched crab races. We had a wonderful BBQ and ate sometime past 9 o'clock. The sun stays bright until almost 11 before dipping below the horizon. Even then there is still light in the stratified clouds.

While out buying groceries yesterday (food for BBQ and some stuff we forgot, we passed by a medieval church. Just across the road was the new church, from the 1800s.

Today was tough for a number of reasons. One, leaving friends. We had picnics and fikas and good chats. I love these people. The little girl, Irma, asked me in English, will you come back again to Sweden? A tearful, yes, from me.

The heat without cloud cover also made things hard. I was baked. I put on sun screen and lip cover, but finally at about 5 I was done. Now I was supposed be IN Strömstad tonight, but quit early. I'll still make Moss, Norway tomorrow...and if not I'm doing okay.

Also, today for the first time I used my credit card. Up till now was using the currency bought at my bank. All except Norwegian kroner, which I'll get TOMORROW!! In Norway, my 5th country.

Jane and Irma

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