Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Copenhagen to Ängelholm, Sweden

Monday June 18, 2018, 103 km (64 miles) - Total so far: 1,081 km (672 miles)

At one point leaving Copenhagen this a.m. I missed a turn. I could see on my "radar" where I needed to be. So turned and took path on opposite side of the road.

What a mistake. A flood of Danish bike commuters overwhelmed me. Wave after wave came toward me. I was going against the tide. Made it out alive.

I got on Bike Route 9 which took me through forests, small towns, by the sea and rr tracks. In Rungsted I got on route 152 with a bike path that borders it. I stopped at Karen Blixens house and also at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Both were closed.

The ferry cost 42 Danish kroner--or less than my pizza. The crossing took 20 minutes. At the ferry I ran into some folks I'd met on the streets of Copenhagen the day before. I'd been walking behind them eavesdropping as they were speaking English. They were talking about bicycling. I was forward enough to ask if they were cycle tourists. No, just planning a day ride. Lo and behold, we showed up at the ferry at the same time.

Once off the ferry I pedaled into Helsingborg and oriented myself. Fairly quickly got sorted and going on bike paths. For about 9 KM on roadway to Jonstorp. There I met fellow cycle tourists heading to Ängelholm. I asked if I could follow. They were German, yet their English was perfect. We rode and talked the entire 15 KM into town, where we split up--they to a hotel and me to find camping. It was only 4 pm.

In Sweden they have a thing called "right to camp" (I'll put in the right word later), meaning you can camp anywhere as long as you're not in the way or bothering someone. As I was cycling to camping I passed a nature trail. The pay camping was awful; row after row of RVs. I circled back to the trail and rode it through quiet pine forests to sand dunes and the sea. And a toilet block. Perfect!

I set up camp and Googled grocery store. I went back into town and got a few things. I haven't been getting enough protein. Usually carbs, very little fruits and vegetables. I bought can can of beans and a tomato thing that turned out to be sun-dried tomatoes. At camp fired up the stove and added Berber spice. Delish!

Now in my tent, sipping Earl Grey tea, writing, and listening to the birds and waves. Content.
Will have to figure out how to fix a broken tent pole. Tomorrow, hopefully, Halmstad.
follow these signs to ferry

follow these signs to ferry
Karen Blixen's grace, Rungsted

at the ferry

once in Sweden follow these signs

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