Thursday, February 16, 2017

Once Upon a Time: Tranås, Sweden

Once Upon a Time: Tranås, Sweden

I blindly followed Lotta. We were on a bike ride around Lake Sommen. The roads reminded me of driveways, tiny little lanes, some dirt-packed. I couldn’t imagine cars navigating these narrow byways. At some point even Lotta was lost; she stopped to consult with a farmer.

Of course I didn’t know what they were saying. Sometimes when traveling I’d often feel an out-of-body experience, as if I was observing myself reacting. This is just one example of how travel transports us out of comfort zones; everything is new and slightly off-kilter.

We continued on, pumping up a sudden, steep rise where we entered an emerald forest. Earth and sky were this amazing mossy green. Spongy moss carpeted the forest floor while the tree canopy sheltered us, Only patches of blue sky showed through. Even the tinkling stream nearby gleamed green. Eerily dark, fecund, musky—all my senses were attuned. Lotta explained to me that we were in a mushroom forest and that the farmer had said he knew where the best mushrooms were. It was a secret.

Once out into brilliant sunlight I felt as if I had my own secret: this special place that I may never see again.
44 km, 8 kantareller o 1 Karl-Johan - dagens accomplichments.
44 miles, 8 Cantharellus O 1 Karl Johan - contemporary accomplichments.

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