Tuesday, February 28, 2017

3 Janes Go To See Hamilton

3 Janes Go To See Hamilton
Dedicated to Jane McSweeney and her niece Jane

A confluence of Janes in the play-going stream,
pushed upstairs to the
first balcony.

We take our seats
but not without discussion
and shuffling.

At this height I feel
my vulnerability:
I need eyeglasses
to read the Playbill.
Don’t stand up—
for fear of being pitched forward.

The curtain rises
and immediately
the audience begins to sing,
clap and cheer.
It’s hard to hear
the actors,
and history passes
at a two-act clip.
Nevertheless, I am in the midst
of a phenomena
a country struggling,
a diverse cast/audience
taking shots.

We all want liberty,
happiness, power, prestige
a chance.

What’s playing out
two stories below me on the stage
reflects the story
playing out on the streets behind me.
Duels=gun violence
Adultery/blackmail=how things get done

The finale and we
(in retrospect there is no curtain).
We simply depart,
a waterfall of humanity,
pouring out onto the sidewalks
as we hurry by folks
rattling cups for change.

Everyone wants change.
We say goodbye
awkwardly by scaffolding and
the Janes go their separate ways
into the night

into the third act.

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Jane McSweeney said...

I just found this! It has been emailed to all of the appropriate Janes. Thanks, friend. Also--love the Parking Lot pieces.