Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Once Upon a Time: Goreme, Turkey

Once Upon a Time: Goreme, Turkey

One time we took a night bus from Selçuk to Goreme, better known as Cappadocia. Just like nomads traveling by night we’d come upon an oasis in the darkness where a squadron of attendants ran out to gas and wash down the exterior of the bus before we moved on into a vacuum. Eventually we arrived in town before sun up. We still didn’t know exactly where we were. That’s how it is with travel—especially in places with little doodley hooks on their letters; I was continually lost, unsure how to pronounce words, what to order to eat, afraid I wouldn’t see the right stuff. Somehow we managed to make it to our hostel.

It was early; not a thing was stirring except a cat lounging on a cushion in the unlocked reception office. There was a computer there and I checked my email—though once again I was flummoxed by the foreign keyboard. Nothing was where it should be. I wandered outside. The sky was beginning to lighten, stars were growing dim. Slowly I became aware of shapes.

I remember feeling awestruck in sudden light as I realized I was standing in a courtyard surrounded by sand cave rooms carved out of unusually soft volcanic rock. It was like no place I’ve ever been.

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