Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Love is the Cure

Been working on this for awhile, the state I've been in lately:

Doctor-Prescribed, Number 1

Once or twice daily, Levitra
Over an extended period, Victoza
I am confronted by mortality, Januvia
Postmenopausal women are at high-risk, Boniva
For fracture, Prolia,
The urgent need to go, Viagra
Sudden tightening in the stomach, Humira
Tired restless legs, Orencia
Insomnia, disrupted sleep, Lunestra
Make more tears, Jublia
Shortness of breath, Spiriva
Heartburn, heartache, Ranexa
Overall achingness, Zetia
Do not take, Lyrica
If agitation or changes in mood occur, Cymbalta
If your depression worsens, Truvada
Or if you have suicidal thoughts, Dulera
Or if you experience hallucinations, paranoia, or confusion, Latuda
In some rare cases, death, Avandia
Stop and seek help immediately, Nyulasta
Is there a cure for all that ails, Namenda
This lonely broken heart?


LarryG said...

Gut pain there's hysocamine(sp?)

Jane said...