Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Biking from Grand Rapids to Chicago

What I forgot to say about going to Grand Rapids for the Festival of Faith & Writing. Is that I'll be riding my bike back. Approximately 225 miles.

The first day will be Grand Rapids to Kalamazoo to stay one night with friends. Then a wild camp along the lake after the Kal-Haven trail. Then Dunewoods Campground outside of Michigan City, then home on a number of connecting? bike paths. I'm so looking forward to riding, sleeping outside, cooking over my catfish can de-natured alcohol stove.

To see little flowers carpeting a field or wake up to birdsong. Yessss.

What I meant to say is--keep me kn your thoughts. This will be my 3rd attempt to complete this journey. One other time a girlfriend and I attempted to cycle around the lake and only got as far as Saugatuck and in 2014 I camped out in Warren Woods and awoke to 3 inches of fresh snow on the ground. It had gotten down to 23 degrees the night before. The wind off the lake was brutal. My husband came and got me in Michigan City. But this time I'm determined to close the gap, to complete the lost segment and call this one done.
Dunewood Campground

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore


Val Zykes said...

Hi, I'm curious how you managed to 'close the gap' biking from Michigan City to Chicago. There's of course the Calumet Trail and the LMTC Route 12 by the dunes. I'm assuming you also wanted to hit the Lincoln Park bike path. A site called: 'MapMyRide' lets you plot your route and share it with others online.

Very much enjoy your blog by the way.

Jane Hertenstein said...

that Calumet Trail is a stinker, single track and sometimes large rock gravel beneath sizzling powerlines, I stayed on Route 12 until the turn off to get on Prairie Duneland Trail, then a series of 3 other trails until Lakefront Trail and I was home, about 66 miles from Dunewood Campground in Beverly Shores.

Val Zykes said...

Now that makes me wanna take the South Shore bike car...and then cycle out of Millennium Park.

Jane Hertenstein said...

correct: they just started in April allowing bikes on the South Shore--weekends only.