Friday, April 29, 2016

Hot Flash Friday: Sinclair Dinosaur

Remember back in the day when certain detergents included benefits for the housewife—like a glass. Really you might be thinking—glass? Somehow they didn’t break and cut off the tips of fingers. There used to be all kinds of incentives or bonuses to purchases, that had nothing to do with each other. Wash your clothes and drink a glass of wine!? It wasn’t always Cracker Jacks that came with a prize inside, but also boxes of cereal. Not sure how big these boxes were but there would be books, airplanes to build, fannypacks, towels!!?? You used to be able to “collect” a whole set of tableware just by filling up at the gas station.

My parents were too chintzy to buy any of the stuff for us kids. There were four of us. And of course you couldn’t get for one without getting something for all. So it was out of the question.

That’s why when Aunt Mart and Uncle Mike took me for a week or two in the summer it was so GREATTTT. I would be the only kid. After picking me up in Dayton to take me to Akron we’d stop for gas. At a Sinclair station they weren’t giving away, but I think selling a Sinclair toy dinosaur, the kind you inflate. I knew better than to ask for one, but always coveted it when I saw them advertised on the signs. Uncle Mike came out of the station carrying one under his arm for me.

I thought it was the greatest thing ever. It stood about 2 feet high (or maybe that’s the way I imagine it). Just like now I wonder if perhaps I might have stayed with them all summer.

So for any of you out there old enough to remember premiums or give-aways—write a flash. There’s got to be something there, something hidden inside.

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