Monday, August 10, 2015

Minneapolis to Chicago, Day 6

Day 6
Poutine! In Milwaukee
Lake Mills to Milwaukee
61 miles
The rain started at 4 a.m. and went until 7. The road was a bit slurry as the cinders congealed into a stew to slow me down. Again I had low energy and had to ride 17 miles until I made it to a Mobil where I bought an apple fritter and a Gatorade.

After powering up the miles just flew. In Douseman there is trailside a HUGE and expert bike shop. I know, I wasn’t expecting that either. A bar, yeah, even the smallest 1 corner place had a bar, but something as hip as a bike shop—I knew I was getting close to civilization. The bike doctors gave me a plug for my bar ends that fell out the very first day—probably when I threw the bike down in absolute exhaustion. The guys checked my brakes, said they were okay and printed off a map to help me connect to the New Berlin trail once in Waukesha. THANKS so much guys.

Now I was on asphalt and the miles ticked off quickly.

In Waukesha I got on the Internet for like the first time in so many days and ate at a little bistro/cafĂ© off of Sunset before continuing on city streets to the New Berlin Trail. The wind was blowing west to east and sailed me right into Milwaukee to my friend’s house where I was to spend the night. Whew! A shower! And then out for fancy hotdogs and a roasted wild duck poutine over fries and fried cheese curds. Yes, nothing like erasing 5 days of rising with a bunch of dense calories.

Rock River

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