Thursday, August 6, 2015

Minneapolis to Chicago, Day 4

Day 4
Elroy – Devil’s Lake
44 miles
Oh boy! Was this a hard day—I encountered the Baraboo Hills.

First I had breakfast at the Bender Family Restaurant in downtown Elroy. Two eggs and tst came to $239—a GREAT value! I finished off the series of trails, the 400 (22 miles) and left Reedsburg around noon to start self-navigation road cycling. I was not ready for the intense sun, heat, humidity, and hills after the bike paths.

I got a Gatorade and egg rolls at Kwik Trip in Reedbsburg but had physically and emotionally blown through them by the time I got to Baraboo. I arrived at the Circus Museum around 2 p.m. There was a gardner outfront who asked about my trip. He really seemed like he knew what he was talking about. There would be hills he said. If I could get to Rt DL I would have worked through them, but he really recommended me staying at Devil’s Lake. I hardly listened to him as I wanted to go well beyond Devil’s Lake and knew I had plenty of time to get to Lodi or outside of Madison.

The hills were horrible. When I got to DL I turned to go to Devil’s Lake. Problem was there were 2 – 3 STEEP uphills to get to the state park. There was no staying on the bike. I had to get off and push up. I felt like such a wimp.

Devil’s Lake is a great place to relax. Half of Wisconsin seemed to be there on what turned out to be the hottest week so far this year. The ranger checking me in assured me that after this it’d all be downhill—tomorrow I guess. I eased into the lake and felt all my riding woos and cares melt away.

That night I was hungry looking around at all the families grilling.

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