Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jacksonville - Matanzas State Forest camping

Jacksonville - Matanzas State Forest camping: 55 miles

Sunday February 1, 2015, 55 miles (89 km) - Total so far: 86 miles (138 km)

I got an early start after realizing the sun sets pretty fast--6-ish. I'd read at a few other blogs or somewhere the phrase:old Florida, to describe certain locations. I think I know now what that means: bungalows, working class, people who drive pickups. Then there is the greater proportion of what I saw: palatial homes, gated communities, Jaguar convertibles, Tiny women walking toy dogs. At times there was very little beach access, but then along A1A things opened up.St Augustine was a zoo. Very touristy. But I got a free wristband to climb the lighthouse and got some great pics.
After that I was officially on the ACA map--which is lovely. Not sure if it was the map, wind, or what, but it seemed like the miles flew by. I know it won't be like this ever day, but the 55 miles (knock on wood) were easy. I'm camping in Matanzas State Forest where my tent rests beneath a grove of palettes and the place is absolutely quiet and deserted.
The gravel road in


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