Monday, October 20, 2014

Art? What's it good for?

Imagine here the Edwin Starr song--War (What Is It Good For? with that booming Huh? Good God! thrown in.

In an article I read on-line for FREE from The Globe and Mail a Canadian newspaper, I learned that Iggy Pop is a poor struggling musician. Actually I shouldn't have been too surprised. A recent survey in the UK says that artists' salaries are collapsing. Seems no one wants to pay to read "content" or for photographs or for music. Not for that pesky TV programming or films that they torrent or download for free.

Elizabeth Renzetti in her article "When Iggy Pop can’t live off his art, what chance do the rest have" Answers her own question--with one word.

She ends her article with a quote from Iggy, himself:  “When it comes to art, money is an unimportant detail. It just happens to be a huge unimportant detail.”

 The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs is offering grants to artists of all disciplines. Some are fixed deadlines and some are rolling. Check out their website (DCASE) and see if you qualify to apply.

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